A thorough evaluation of your artist style, music and commercial readiness done in the true talent scout / A&R way. We’ll lay it down as it is and tell you truth. If you’re not ready – or there’s plenty that we feel you should change in order to be commercially viable, we’ll put it down in black and white. Simple as that! Plus, If everything’s awesome we’ll tell you and you’ll have a handy document with our signed seal of approval which you can hand to record companies, publishers, PR, agents and managers.
If you want a further complete analysis on a one-2-one basis, we can also accommodate via a personal Skype consultation.

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Here at American Artiste we can also provide you with the best mastering services. We can elevate your mixes from any production level to the required standard’s of today’s pop trained ears. We’ve worked with music of all styles over the years and can comfortably say that you are in the right hands if you want to sound better than anyone else.
We use state of the art gear to help us achieve our quality level including equipment by GML, Neve, SSL, Genelec, Avalon, Crane Song to name but a few. Don’t leave your sound up to chance.

Discounts available for full albums and debuts. Please call for more information.

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We are offering all artists and bands a chance to Skype directly with our music industry consultants for a one hour period.  They will offer advice, guidance and any number of solutions to help you with your musical career.  All bookings are arranged at the convenience of the Consultant but we do have a booking system that lets you choose the times and dates of your proposed session. It also helps you get your music heard properly and we promise that our consultants are more likely to jump around a lot if they hear something incredible.

It works as follows:

You Pay and Book your Session which allows you to also upload links to your music online and very importantly, your SKYPE USERNAME
You will receive confirmation of your session booking from us.
Our consultants will check everything out before the session and evaluate.
Expect a call at the right time and date.

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Unsigned and talented? We can act as your official representation at worldwide music industry events by actively promoting your music to the various music industry individuals who are in attendance.
We’ll do what we can to help you*, although obviously there are no guarantees of success.

COMING EVENT = SXSW (South By Southwest)

Accepted artists will appear on the American Artiste website.

*Please note that we reserve the right, without explanation, to reject and refund Artists who we consider to be too premature in their careers or music quality.  It can take up to 7 days to determine artist quality. We will ensure to either ACCEPT or REFUND artists within this time frame.

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