Finding the right sound

ANGEL - (U.K.)

Unique. Simply, Unique.

The Story so far...

In the music industry, if you’re lucky, every once in a while an Artiste seems to gravitate towards you in ways that are kinda unexplainable. That’s what happened with Angel. When an artist ends up on 2 people’s A&R list independently, one finding her and thinking ‘You’ll love this girl, she’s from Nashville’ and the other finding her on StarNow and thinking ‘Wow, this girl is striking, I hope she sounds as good…..Oh, she sounds better….Wow.’

Then we try to find her. It didn’t matter where in the world because this artiste is THAT good.

So we write to her and she says (and I quote)  “Y’know, when you wrote to me at midnight, I was just thinking that I should really concentrate on my Artist career a bit more. Plus It’s a blue moon”. Then we find out she only lives less than two miles away from us.

It’s odd, freaky and we couldn’t even make this up! I assure you this is 100% true. Watch this space because an artist like Angel only comes along once in a blue moon.

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