The most versatile artist you'll hear this year.

ANGEL (Ainjiel Shaolee)

Simply unique.

The Story so far...

We are proud to present you Angel (Ainjiel Shaolee).

Angel has been our development project for the past year and we’ve written and recorded over 20 tracks, a small sample of which you can only hear on this page. We’ve kept her a complete secret and we have all the media to back up our artist, ready to go.

If you wish to hear more then please get in touch with either Adam J Mills (Producer/Manager/A&R) or Olesya Star (Co-Manager) at American Artiste Ltd.

Play it all. Consume it all. Hopefully you’ll see and hear our vision, and you’ll get what we’re raving about. She’s the unique star among a world of pretenders – young, talented and luckily the camera never lies. Best of all, the music does the talking.


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