Haley Johnsen

A renegade amongst us showing us all how it’s done.

"Goner" By Haley Johnsen
Released worldwide 09/17/2021
Worldsound / Ingrooves / Universal Music Group.

There’s a lot of excitement brewing for Haley Johnsen here in the UK,  the prolific songwriter from Oregon blessed with an amazing voice, unique presence and tracks you cannot stop playing on repeat.

Haley Johnsen has been treading various stages all over the US and creating a wake of stunned audience wherever she steps. A vocal talent that aligns with not only Alison Krauss but also Blondie, Haley has a reputation of doing her recorded work in one take! We can’t wait for her to wow UK/European audiences with some TV appearances where the host is going to want to join in! Her latest work has a 70s summer overtone and upon listening you melt away and yet somehow groove simultaneously. We LOVE it.

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