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Hayley Sales

Never before has such a collaboration produced such amazing results.

The Story so far...

“While other kids my age grew up with the Simpsons, I grew up with Gene Kelly,” Hayley Sales remarks playfully. She was the kid who didn’t pay attention to the trends of the time.  She’d fall in love with the boy next door and write him a book of sonnets. This is the feeling you get when listening to Hayley’s remarkable new album, you’re transported through time to early Hollywood glamor and then ripped back through, to find yourself wandering around modern day Central Park in autumn.  You’re going to fall in love with this record or even because of this record, and it swings along as fine as Kelly’s umbrella.

To listen to the new album contact Warren Wyatt (U.S.) or Adam Mills (U.K.) for an industry only pre-release link.

Check out Hayley’s very latest interview :

Hayley’s recent collaboration with Oscar-nominated Hollywood actress Sharon Stone resulted in a Jazz standard-esque ballad reminiscent of the lazy hazy days of the silver screen.

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